7 Cool Newly Discovered Animal Species

Being an ecologist means that you’ll be studying the world and the amazing creatures that live within it. This means you’ll be out in different environments, various times of the year, checking out the creatures living there,

The secret life in Sahara

Sahara is the largest desert on earth. It covers a third of the African continent which equals an area about the size of the United States. In addition to being the largest desert, Sahara is one of

3 Simple Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

We all want to preserve the nature and not live in polluted cities, but very few actually take any meaningful steps in that direction. Being “green” or reducing your carbon footprint is often seen by people as

The Hidden Ant Empire

No matter if you are looking at a desert ant on the internet, or you’ve just been bit by a mere domestic ant, you can’t help but think about how these creatures are so successful in everything

The Liger

The liger is a hybrid feline created by breeding a male lion to a female tigress. This unique cat is often referred to as the “ultimate cat”. It is possibly best know for the incredible sizes they