The fishing supremacy battle between me and my neighbor Jimmy

Jimmy my next door neighbor is a great buddy. When I moved into our house, he was the one who invited me into the neighborhood. He is married with two kids just like I am. Our kids

Going to Croatia on a Kayaking Vacation

Last year I had a great time during my vacation. Unlike previous vacations where I had usually gone off with my fiancée or with a family member, this time I went off with complete strangers. The vacation

The multiple recreational benefits of kayaks

Kayaking is a great water recreational activity. It provides the kayaker with a great thrill while on the water and it provides one with many options of things to do while on the water. These advantages have

Kayaking is the perfect recreational activity to get me revitalized

I am a computer programmer. I love my job. I have been a computer geek for as long as I could remember. I could do amazing things with the computer from a very young age. Obviously my

Basic points to consider when shopping for kitchen appliances

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be a tough activity especially for people who are not very familiar with the many types and the many brands available in the market. If you are not familiar with kitchen appliances,

Do not forget your healthy living routine whilst on holiday

For people who are keen on healthy eating and physical fitness, it is easy to slide and deviate from this healthy living routines when they are on vacation. Vacation is usually a time which we regard as

I guess I might have to get a wife to help me out in the kitchen

I usually have an apprehensive attitude when using kitchenware. But I guess my problem is not with house appliances only. I have a problem with all kinds of housekeeping stuff. My sister keeps telling me that I

My house aide, my mischievous sons, and my pet dog

My house can never seem to be quiet or in order for more than thirty minutes. This is thanks to the combined efforts of my two kids and my dog Bruno. My two boys are five and

Caring For Cats

As any cat owner will attest, cats are the perfect indoor pet. They clean themselves, use a small, easily cleaned box for potty purposes, and don’t need constant attention. They are a very low maintenance pet in

Exotic Pets Can Be Deadly

Many animal lovers want to take their love for animals to a whole new level. While other people are simply okay with having a dog or a couple of cats. There are some animals that the standard