Is Yogurt A Healthy Treat For Dogs?

Feeding your pets the best food possible is the key to keeping them strong and happy. Dogs especially need special nutrients and vitamins to keep their hearts and bodies strong and healthy. Very few people know that

A Healthy Dog Makes for a Happy Owner

Pet owners feel the same concern and care for their fur babies as parents do for their children.  When cherished pets are sick or not feeling well, it makes the owners unhappy and worried. There are several

Caring For An Older Dog!

Just like humans, dogs can get old too. Even though we may think of our dogs as the perfect pets that they, there will unfortunately be a time where they grow old and wither away. However, during

A Bigger Bowl For A Bigger Dog!

There are many things a dog owner needs to be wary of in the maintaining and care for his or her dog. The most important of which tends to be food. As you may know, dogs seem

The Friendliest Of All Friends

You may have heard the saying – “A dog is a man’s best friend” – well in many cases this has been proven to be true. Very few pets and even people for this matter remain as

Guard Dogs: His Brother’s Keeper!

Some people look for dogs because they seek a companion whom they can share a loyal bond with, but others look for something else in dogs. With extreme loyalty comes the ability to guard and protect. Dogs

7 Cool Newly Discovered Animal Species

Being an ecologist means that you’ll be studying the world and the amazing creatures that live within it. This means you’ll be out in different environments, various times of the year, checking out the creatures living there,

The secret life in Sahara

Sahara is the largest desert on earth. It covers a third of the African continent which equals an area about the size of the United States. In addition to being the largest desert, Sahara is one of

3 Simple Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

We all want to preserve the nature and not live in polluted cities, but very few actually take any meaningful steps in that direction. Being “green” or reducing your carbon footprint is often seen by people as

The Hidden Ant Empire

No matter if you are looking at a desert ant on the internet, or you’ve just been bit by a mere domestic ant, you can’t help but think about how these creatures are so successful in everything